Promo "A Ghost In The Room With Us" from Jan 2011

Conduit Dance, Inc., Portland, OR

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Conduit Dance, Inc., Portland, OR

"A Ghost in the Room With Us"


The 2nd collaboration of Incorporamento (Gavin Larsen, Joshua Pearl and David Biespiel), was performed in January 2011 at Conduit Dance, in Portland, OR as part of the Fertile Ground Festival.



Using poetry, music and dance, these 3 artists strove to create a thoughtful and surprising event in which the viewers could see each element (dance, music and poetry) through a different lens.



They continue to develop a synthesis of their art forms, while keeping each distinct in their own voice.



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Teaser created for the Portland Fertile Ground Festival.


Three of the nation's leading artists, Attic director and poet David Biespiel, dancer Gavin Larsen, and musician Joshua Pearl -- the trio that call themselves Incorporamento -- return to the Fertile Ground Festival with a collaboration of original poetry, dance, and music, "A Ghost in the Room with Us."


Building on last year's heralded Fertile Ground performance (video), Incorporamento allows audiences to interpret performance in a new way as the trio define and fuse the lines between three classic forms of art. "A Ghost in the Room with Us" burns with recollection, introspection, and meditative reverie in a fabulous performance of renewal, insight, and pleasure.

Teaser for "A Ghost In The Room With Us" 

This installment in Incorporamento's ongoing exploration of the beauty that can be created from the confluence of dance, poetry, and music was unveiled during the Fertile Ground Festival 2011.

January 31, 2010 performance

Gerding Theater Mezannine, Portland, OR

Q & A post show session Jan 31 of Incorporamento 

Gerding Theater Mezannine, Portland, OR

If language could move and the body could sing, the result would be "Incorporamento," the unique collaboration between a poet and a dancer.


In 2008, award-winning poet David Biespiel began writing a series of epistles—poems in the form of letters—to fellow poets, friends, and spirits from the past and future.


"Incorporamento" is OBT principal dancer Gavin Larsen's fabulously choreographed sequence of dances in response to some of those letters.


The performance answers a profound question: Can two arts, one spoken and one silent, marry? The answer is, yes!


This one-of-a-kind collaboration—between poet and dancer—also includes a post-show Q&A with the audience, moderated by Portland writer Dave Jarecki about how Biespiel and Larsen created the performance and what the collaboration suggests about the relationship between the body of poetry and the poetry of the body.


Improvisational music performed by Joshua Pearl.